A New Type of Scratch Session


This is an open invention to the working Club DJs in the Wasatch Front and beyond. Whether they’re playing a restaurant, bar, festival, concert, corporate or private party, Utah has a very diverse group of DJs packed together in an interesting market. It’s time we get together and apply a better curriculum towards networking in nightlife.

DJ Jarvicious has partnered with his friends at 50 West Club in downtown Salt Lake City to provide a FREE practice space once a month with a crazy amount of amenities.

Team up with someone or bring your own turntable(s), CDJs, mixer, midi controllers, needles, and records. We’ll provide the sound system, tables, cables, and individual monitors for everyone attending.

Come prepared to practice and play in a club setting. However this won’t be a free-for-all plugin and play scratch session; the goal here is to unite the market and provide more opportunities to get to know what everyone is capable of, and how we can utilize each other to grow.
EXAMPLE: Graphic Designers, Promoters, Gear Repair, Gear Rentals, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Video Editing, Blogging / Writing, Voice Work, Sponsorships, Battle / Competitions, Video DJing, Travel / Touring, Radio / Podcasts, and more!

Each month we’ll invite a different DJ to showcase the skills they’re known for in the DJ booth and what makes them stand-out outside the club. This DJ will also provide a scratch sample available for everyone to use and we’ll break down a few tricks on the club screens to master.

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm
50 West Club & Cafe – 50 West Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84101